ARTICLE 19 is a global online destination for curative Nepalese contents and products. ARTICLE 19 was founded with a vision to create a platform for creative Nepalese to showcase their talents. ARTICLE 19 aims to promote & share their work with the world. ARTICLE 19 is committed to educating Nepalese and Non-Nepalese through a collection of unique brands, commissioned exhibitions, events, and specials collaborative product. We seek to deliver “Expression of Nepal”.
ARTICLE 19 is a Nepalese platform comprised of the collection of Nepalese Brands, Artist, Musician, Photographer, Writers, so on. Our primary focus is to discover and support all the creativity of Nepalese and then bring them to the limelight they deserve.
We realized that there is a lack of available source for Modern Nepalese youth spread all around the world to relate to. Hence we took this opportunity to create a community of these Nepalese youth and connect them thorough the creativity and at the same time giving them a platform to learn and share. At ARTICLE 19, everyone is part of the community where Nepalese youth are motivated to express their ideas and integrated them into their own environment.
We are a community.
We are Expression Of Nepal.
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