Collection: ART19-02 HOMELAND TEE


“Home is where the heart is” – For us Nepalis, no matter where we live, Nepal will always be our home. We take pride in being Nepali.

The A19 Homeland tee takes inspiration from the distinctive features of the Nepalese flag. Representing our identity, the tees contain Screen-Printed illustrations of the celestial bodies on the back; where the moon represents the Himalayan cold and the sun represents the Terai Heat. ARTICLE19 text printed on the front.

In midst of this crisis, we are hoping to raise some fund and support the people in times of need. All proceeds from our Homeland Tee will benefit the Merging Nepsocs Projects.

Disclaimer: This Product is not anyway associated with Merging Nepsocs and it’s completely Article 19 own initiative.

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