Collection: ART19-03 Nike Air Force 1 “NEPAL”

As a kid in Nepal, we always didn’t have easy access to Nike Air Force 1 commonly known as AF1.

For anyone who is into hip-hop culture, will know the cultural significance of the AF1 and its influences. However, in Nepal, we could only dream of getting our hands on one of the most iconic shoes in the world.

After moving to the UK and getting our first AF1 has completely assured us why the AF1 is an all-time classic. When the opportunity to design our own Nike Air Force 1 came. We took our chance to reimagine this classic on our own color palette. The Nike Air Force 1 “NEPAL” colorway reflects Nepal’s national flag and is made from Smooth Premium Leather Upper and Foam Sole with Nike Air Cushioning Rubber Outsole.

The classic silhouette is our desire to express ourselves in modern culture while taking inspiration from our identities. We hope to show the world that a kid of Nepal can be as creative as anyone given the opportunity. We believe in “Expression of Nepal”.

Additional details include “NPL” & “A19” text on the back. 

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