At Article 19 LDN, we celebrate the diversity in our community. We believe that our diversity is what makes us unique and fuels creativity. However, we also are aware of painful truth of what it means to be different in our community and the obstacles faced by the people due to the old traditional practices and mind-set that still persist in our community. People who are different, whether due to caste, colour, gender, background, age, or race are treated differently and instead of exchanging ideas, and cultures, they are segregated and discriminated.

In response to the death of 13-year-old Angira Pasi and killing of Nabaraj BK and his 5 other friends, we could see an outcry among the youths of our community. We too with the help of Suzie (@souxdesign) looked into the Caste System of Nepal and how it was introduced in Nepal. We understand that this prejudice is not the reflection of true Nepalese values but rather a lack of information and outdated beliefs. This has inspired us to take further steps in our own way.

We believe that our community in the UK is in an ideal position to be the voice of change. We are someone who was raised in the caste system and has experienced some of it’s affect. However, now with the help of the knowledge, passion and resources available to us here, the prejudice of caste system can be overcome. So to create more awareness and provide a relevant information/support to our community, we have partnered up with Hami United and other UK Nepalese Brands/Organisation who are making a difference – to start a campaign #eutaimalanepali. 

Taken from the passage of Nepal’s National Anthem “Sayaũ Thũgā Phūlkā”, the goal of this campaign is simply to spread the awareness of Hami United presence in our community and spread their message of “Together for Equality”. These efforts are just the first steps in creating a better community and we hope you consider joining us in this campaign by sharing  Hami United and your own message of unity in your social media account with #eutaimalanepali

Article 19 LDN Team

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