Introduction: Gaurab Thakali

Gaurab Thakali might not be a household name in Nepal, but he is someone everyone into urban culture and art ought to know. Currently based in the UK, he is a Nepali artist, illustrator, and skateboarder.

Early Life in Kathmandu

Gaurab Thakali was born and raised in the capital city of Kathmandu. He used to love skating when he was there, one of the few following the sport at the time. The man vividly remembers not having a skatepark or a favorable terrain to skate; forget that, even getting a skateboard used to be a struggle in Nepal.

Well, that’s how he spent his childhood, searching for parks and empty roads and exploring shops that sold the wooden plank with wheels.

London at the Age of 15

Gaurab Thakali moved to London in2006, at the age of 15.

Continuing his schooling there, he later pursued a degree in Illustration in Camberwell College of Arts. And that is when he started making a name in the somehow sophisticated and specific niche of Illustration Arts.

His Works

He has worked with publications such as The Conference, Afar Mag, The New Yorker, The Conference, among others. His illustrations consist of themes revolving music (mostly jazz and hip hop), events, nights, nature, and things of that sort.

According to him, his friends introduced him to jazz music when he was in university. He loved and listened to the genre so much, and that inspired him to be one of the finest artists of his kind.

Arts that Tell Stories

His illustrations are dazzling. It feels that the vibrant hues transmit high-frequency energy to the one observing. We don’t need to exaggerate; see one of his arts for some seconds, and you feel nostalgic all of a sudden; still, you’re relaxed like nothing else.

Once your eyes are caught in his art, you will want to run them through every line, curves, and the pixel of the color. All of his arts tell a story, something you can easily hear through your vision itself.

They say you can pack your passion and transmit it to other people through your art, and Gaurab Thakali does an excellent job with it.

Not Only on Paper

Gaurab Thakalis Illustrations are not only for publications. You see, he has done songs and album covers, etched his art on T-shirts, pin badge and of course, skateboards, and many more. Anyway, no matter what the surface, his illustration is always of the finest quality.

Apart from skating and illustration, an internet article in 2018 revealed that Gaurab Thakali had completed writing a book about the post-earthquake Nepal. Also, not to mention, prominent art websites have written articles on Gaurab Thakali, and you will find plenty of them with a Google search.

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