Introduction: Anurag Sharma aka Mc Flo

The first time I saw MC Flo was in a local music event in Kathmandu, Nepal. The song was ‘Lay It Down’, and I vividly remember being relaxed amidst a crowd that was jumping, applauding, and singing along the lines of their favorite rapper. 

Well, at first glance, many would say, Anurag Sharma, aka. MC Flo doesn’t ‘look’ like a rap artist. If you ever get a chance to meet him, there is a high chance he won’t be wearing baggy pants, Gucci belt, or white Nike sneakers with gold laces.

Anyway, this is his forte. MC Flo is different in the sense that he doesn’t follow the stereotype of most of the rappers. With his style or his music.

Music that Speaks the Truth

MC Flo’s songs relate to a person’s day to day life. They are soulful, and his simple selection of words is to assure that anyone listening to his music can understand the lyrics and exclaim that it is extraordinary.

Even if his words are very deep, a primary school student will not have to ask their language teacher to decipher the meaning.

He speaks about love, heartbreaks, forgiveness, struggle, and motivation in his songs. The stories he tells are interesting; not only because they are fun to listen, but also because they describe stuff that everyone has to encounter in a pleasant way.

An Everyday Person

MC Flo started rapping when he was 18 years old, that was in 2008. In a YouTube show, he reveals that he was depressed during that time because his visa to a foreign country got rejected. So, he started writing songs as a way of escape; and as of now, after a decade, only God knows how many souls his music has ended up healing during their darkest times.

The rap artist says that he hasn’t really tried to establish himself as a commercial rapper. Matter of fact, he has been working as an IT professional for the last five years. So, in a way that we can say that he is a young and energetic office person who has a huge passion for music and talent matched by few.

More than a Century of Songs

It will be hard to say that even MC Flo remembers the number of the songs he has done. But, if you ask anyone who has been following him, they will say that he has released at least a hundred songs.

Yes, at least a hundred. And most of them are home-recorded. With the hard work that goes into choosing a beat, writing, recording and mixing a song, and even making the simplest of the video to upload into YouTube, you can only imagine the hours that he has dedicated.

Here are some of MC Flos biggest hits:

  • Hami Sangai ta Xau Ni
  • Lay it Down
  • Maile Hasna Sikey
  • Sapana Sapana Sapana
  • Aawaz
  • Man Hoon Yatri (With Yama Buddha)
  • Gorkhali Toph (With Uniq Poet and Balen)
  • And many more

All for Passion

As said before, MC Flo admits he hasn’t tried a lot to establish himself commercially.

If he does, being the influential person he is, you can say he deserves to make a huge fortune. To be honest, this is what his fans have been trying to see for a long time. MC Flo getting both the recognition and money for the skills he possesses and the work he has put.

Also, the rapper going on all-out would mean he would uplift the entire rap music scenario of Nepal. More than what he has been doing till now.

Article by Anubhav Gautam

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