Drop By: The Slightly Curious Studio

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Drop By: The Slightly Curious Studio

For our upcoming collaborative project, we Drop By the creative ceramic studio of Nepal-born artist Sampada Gurung. Her studio The Slightly Curious Studio is based in Alperton, North London. The first-floor studio provides the perfect space to be inspired and get creative for anyone visiting there. Expect to find Sampada’s illustrations, ceramics, her student works and lots of plants. Each piece displayed makes you slightly curious (pun intended) about the stories behind them.

We have teamed up with Sampada to bring you an original product which she has been working on. Right now we are working to present it to you in a special way. Stay tuned for more on this project.

To experience and learn more about pottery, check out her classes as well as her appearance at The Great Pottery Throw Down – Season 3″. Visit Sampada’s website to have a better feel of her artwork and check out whats on display in her store.

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